"Una mirada lo cambia todo: la perspectiva, la luz, la sombra, el verso... la palabra."


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Fecha de publicación: 6 de febrero de 2019

Editorial is searched to buy the rights of publication of the novel "Words of Rain" selected in the Uk's New Spanish Book

The publisher will have that apreciates the words, the stories of love, the fantastic realism, the conection of people and places, the memories of the earth, the sense of nature and its ritms... We appreciate editors do no be affraid to fly, be brave, cheerful and confident...if possible without warts...Tnank you  


A novel,that builds a universe where Mother Nature has not yet disconnected from human beings thanks to characters who know how to "read the earth and the sky". Readers will know a period of great changes: The first half of the twentieth century where scientific and technological advances are unstoppable, but also a parallel world where human beings coexist with spirits, gods and ghosts.